Dessert & Booze Hacks

I love simple recipes that are fun with few ingredients to do with my son, and that is what I got in Peggy Wang’s Dessert & Booze Hacks, along with some tasty adult treats for my wife and I. Peggy Wang is the founding editor of BUZZFEED, and she has compiled seventy five amazingly simple, fun recipes that are a snap to make and great fun for kids. I cannot wait to get my son into the kitchen to make Cake Batter Rice Krispies and Gummy Bear Popsicles. Two of his favorite things amped up with awesomly fun twists. As for my wife and I with fall approaching but still being warm enough for frozen drinks i think a Frozen Hot Chocolate or a Margarita Shake to re-escape to vacation one last time before the leaves change and temperatures drop. I am truly excited to add this to my collection and share these recipes with my family!

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A Jewish Baker’s Pastry Secrets, Review

If you love strudel, stollen, bear claws, or anything made with puff pastry, then this book is for you. It is packed full of wonderful, mouth-watering recipes that appeal to anyone with a sweet tooth. I looked through the book as soon as I received my package. After looking at all the sections and the recipes within the binding of this book I quickly realized that I had received a treasure. The only thing I did not care for was that the book does not have pictures of any of the recipes included in the book. Though there were no pictures included, the book is one I still consider to be a wonderful addition to any bakers collection. I would love to give this book to many family members as Christmas and birthday gifts. I recommend it to anyone who loves to bake or spend time in the kitchen.

“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”

The Twinkies Cookbook

What guy doesn’t like snack cakes, right? I have always loved sweet, sugary treats, especially Twinkies. Well, The Twinkies Cookbook has revamped and re-imagined the Twinkie. There are different categories in the book from cakes, cookies, pies, even meat. That’s right, there are ways to include a loved snack cake into a main course of the meal. Now there are ways to include Twinkies into more than just dessert. Hostess has outdone themselves in the recipe department with their new, creative, innovative recipes for this sugary treat. I am excited to be able to introduce an old classic to my son and make good use of these new recipes with him. This is a book I will value in my collection for years to come. This is a collection piece for future Hostess lovers everywhere.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”