Food52 Baking: A Review

As an avid baker I love to find interesting inventive new cookbook that are filled with sweet and savory baked dishes. Food52’s Baking is just that and a lot more. Filled from cover to cover with wonderful dishes that make the taste bud’s tingle and the mouth water it is a bakers dream to have. They take favorite desserts and amp them up with new creations and twists that you would never think of. It is an amazing book to have in any collection, from beginner to expert it will challenge your will power (I wanted to make everything in this book front to back) to only make one dish at a time. I can’t wait to try the magic espresso brownies, they are next on the list. My wife loves my baking because she swears she has a chocolate addiction. As for this book I would urge anyone looking for a book to use frequently, whether for fun or occasion, to choose this book.

“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”


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