The Pediatrician’s Guide to Feeding Babies and Toddlers

As the father of one amazing four year old, and  to possibly  another child in the future, I have been helping my wife do  research about how to prepare for a second baby . I came across The Pediatrician’s Guide to Feeding Babies and Toddlers and thought it might be a good way to brush up for baby number 2. My son currently is four and it’s been awhile since he was a tiny baby that fit in my arm, and the stages of new foods have long gone, now he eats anything you put in front of him. As I read through the guide I was renewed with information about the stages of feeding and introducing new foods at the right time. Anthony F. Porto, MD MPH & Dina M. Dimaggio, MD do a wonderfully thorough job walking you through each stage with plenty of helpful tips to  make life easier. A great tool for any dad to be or one ready for a second go  round.

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Waiting for Morning: And Reexamining Faith

Waiting for Morning… a book written by Karen Kingsbury, that grabs you by the shirt front and make you want to keep reading. Waiting for Morning is a book that tells one woman’s journey after great tragedy, and it makes you want to take a second look at your faith and what God makes happen in your own life. I’m not one to request books like this one, but my wife was sitting beside me and saw it and said to me, “Honey, get that book it looks like it would be a good book to read, that’s after she had me get the second one first which makes no sense. I do not and will not regret getting this book. It was a truly great book and my wife and I enjoyed it so much we passed it on to my grandma who fell in love with the book as well.

Waiting for Morning (Forever Faithful Book 1) by [Kingsbury, Karen]

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A Review of A Moment of Weakness

If you like Christian Fiction, and an amazing story line Karen Kingsbury’s A Moment of Weakness is a wonderful book to give a try. Kingsbury always tells an amazing story about peoples live’s that makes you feel like your reading about your dearest friends, and also about the decisions they make that change their live for the better or maybe even for the worse. She takes a story and tells it so wonderfully that you feel like you are there with the characters as the story unfolds. I would recommend A Moment of weakness to anyone who enjoys Christian Fiction and a good story. I am glad I had the opportunity to add this wonderful book to my collection. It is truly a wonderful book that you will love every minute of reading.

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Food52 Baking: A Review

As an avid baker I love to find interesting inventive new cookbook that are filled with sweet and savory baked dishes. Food52’s Baking is just that and a lot more. Filled from cover to cover with wonderful dishes that make the taste bud’s tingle and the mouth water it is a bakers dream to have. They take favorite desserts and amp them up with new creations and twists that you would never think of. It is an amazing book to have in any collection, from beginner to expert it will challenge your will power (I wanted to make everything in this book front to back) to only make one dish at a time. I can’t wait to try the magic espresso brownies, they are next on the list. My wife loves my baking because she swears she has a chocolate addiction. As for this book I would urge anyone looking for a book to use frequently, whether for fun or occasion, to choose this book.

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Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook

I was sitting with my wife scrolling through a list of book when something caught her eye and she quickly said,” Hey go back up to that other book.” So I scroll back up and she has me click on trim healthy mama cookbook by Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison. After the book was delivered to the house we sat down together and looked through it from front to back. This book is not just a book for mama’s. This book is one to incorporate into everyday life with fun, healthy recipes that the whole family will love. After reading through the book we found tons of great recipes to try out as soon as possible and have already planned a trip to the grocery store. This book is one that I would recommend not only to the mama’s wanting to eat healthy and be trim, but to anyone looking to add some healthy to their diet.

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God Gave Us Sleep: Children’s Book Review

If you have children in the home this is a delightful story about a cub who is fighting sleep. As a dad to a three year old I have experienced countless nights where I hear, i need water or i’m not sleepy. It is all too common to hear these words with smaller children. God Gave Us Sleep written by Lisa Tawn Bergen and illustrated by Laura J. Bryant is a wonderful book to read to children about bedtime at bedtime. When I received this book I read through it to see what it was about and to sort of gauge whether or not I thought my son would like the book. After reading through it I have fallen in love with this story and I believe it will become a favorite bedtime story in our house! I would recommend this book  to anyone with children, grandchildren, planning for children or as a gift for a child you know.

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Fried Chicken: A Review

What man doesn’t love fried chicken right? Well as a man I love fried chicken. As a man from the south I eat it often. So when I saw this book a plethora of new options opened up. This book is packed full of crazy, wonderful ideas for spicing up fried chicken. There are recipes for crispy fried chicken all the way to new takes on the classic. I am excited to try the Creole Chicken and Buttermilk Waffles and the Tennessee Hot Chicken. Rebecca Lang did an amazing job taking fried chicken to the next level. I am very glad to be able to add this cookbook to our family’s collection and to get my wife and son into the kitchen cooking with me. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to try some re-vamped classic fried chicken.

“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”